The Honey Bee Therapy Scholarship

The purpose of the Honey Bee Therapy Scholarship is to allow individuals who do not have the financial means to work with a therapist on one of the following concerns:

  • Experienced Interpersonal Trauma (sexual/physical/emotional abuse) prior to the age of eighteen.
  • Experiencing overwhelming and difficult to control emotions
  • Has difficulty skillfully navigating personal relationships
  • Has attempted suicide within the past 24 months and was hospitalized as a result of the suicide attempt


* Special consideration given to children/teens with the above criteria 16 years of age or younger


The client must be able to attend therapy on a weekly basis to encourage forward motion toward accomplishing treatment goals.  The client must be willing to practice the strategies discussed in therapy outside of their therapy sessions to ensure that the things learned are transferred to the client’s everyday life; this includes completing the homework assigned by Vena M. Wilson, LCSW.  

The client cannot miss more than four therapy sessions within the 20-week collaboration.  This is a one-time award, once the individual has received the services cited above, they will not be eligible for an additional scholarship with Vena M. Wilson, LCSW, Honey Bee Behavioral Health, or its affiliated colleagues.

To be considered for the award, please send in the following materials:

  • Identification
  • Discharge paperwork citing psychiatric hospitalization per suicide attempt made within 24 months of the scholarship request.
  • One-page essay identifying what has inspired them to attend therapy, identifying specific areas in their life that they would like to see impacted from therapy and how they would know that therapy is benefitting them.  It is also important to note their willingness to approach their own healing, growth and transformation by way of the effort they are going to make toward creating change in their life.

**This scholarship will be awarded twice a year (once every six months), the eligibility process will be ongoing; once scholarships have been awarded, all other applicants will be placed on a waitlist if they so choose.

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