Family Therapy for Joyful and Pleasant Relationships in Las Vegas, Nevada

What is Family Therapy?

Family therapy is often needed when one member of a family feels misunderstood and this experience causes the whole family unit to feel out of alignment.

In family therapy, participants learn methods to enhance their communication, improve the quality of their relationships, by practicing “mindfully” spending time with their loved ones.

This encourages the whole family to reduce conflict and stress and moves the family into greater harmony.

Family Therapy in Las Vegas Works!

Family therapy is worth considering if you tried everything from reasoning with your loved one asking for a change to yelling at them demanding it!  Family therapy can help you improve the challenges that you have in your relationships with loved ones, helping you to create harmonious relationships with your loved ones and a family unit that you feel good about being a part of.  

Why is Family Therapy Important?

The goal in those moments is to get on the same page, however, the approach may not be the best.  Participating in therapy with your family member will allow you to share your concerns in a way that will allow your loved one to hear you, with compassion.  All participants will learn how to describe their experience, without blaming their loved one and they will learn how to respond to feedback without making things worse.

Does Family Therapy Really Work?

By the time family therapy has started, emotional distance has set in, harsh words have been spoken, and while you may still love your family member, it may be difficult to like them some days.  Family therapy can help with improving your relationship and in getting you to like you loved one more than you do now.  This is done with support from a therapist in showing how each member of the family may be contributing to the tension that is experienced by all.   Many ‘hear’ their loved one differently when they are expressing their concerns while getting guidance and support from a therapist in them stating how they feel without judgment, blame, or anger. 

Clarity, transparency, and common goals are established, motivating each member of the family to restore their commitment to making things better.  

How Do You Help Families In Therapy?

I provide family therapy to children and their adult caregivers.  I ask each member of the family – yes, children included, to identify the things they like about each member of their family and what they like about their family as a unit.  Each person is then asked to identify one thing that they would like to see happen differently in their relationships so the family can function better.  We work on creating stepping stones to help get each person from disliking their family to enjoying their company once more.

Do You Accept Insurance?

I do not work with insurance providers, but I am willing to create a financial arrangement that works for you as needed. My hourly rate is $165 and payment is expected when we meet. That said, please ask about options. I’m open and willing to help you so let’s discuss the options you need.

Where In Las Vegas, NV Is Your Office?

During the pandemic, I am seeing clients via teletherapy and in person. My office is located at 6284 South Rainbow Blvd., Ste #110 Las Vegas, NV 89118.  The office is located between South Rainbow and West Sunset. Please use Google or ask for directions when we chat.

How Can I Get Started With You?

Let’s begin with a phone call. You can reach me directly at 702-980-5036 and I return calls within 48 hours. Please leave a message and if your call is urgent, let me know. If it’s a true emergency, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room right away.