Worried About Your Teens Self-Injurious Or Self-Harm Behaviors In Las Vegas, NV?

When kids self-harm, it’s often a parent’s worst nightmare. The good news is that this kind of act is not necessarily indicative what the future will bring.

Research from the Centre For Suicide Prevention says that when a person engages in self-injurious behaviors they are actually not trying to commit suicide.

Much to parent’s relief, many people who engage in cutting or other self-harming behaviors are using these methods to either remove painful feelings or change their emotional pain to a physical one.

Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s easy…

Now You Can Get Help For Self-Injurious Behaviors In Las Vegas, NV

When parent’s call my office, they often have a lot of questions:

  • Is my kid OK?
  • Will this lead them down a path of greater destruction?
  • Is it my fault? 
  • Why is my daughter acting this way – is she going to cut forever?
  • Why is my son hitting himself or getting into so may fights? 
  • How can I help them to stop?

These are all important questions, and ones, parents who care greatly for their kids ask all the time. So, please know, you’re not alone in your worries or fears. It’s really hard to watch someone you love hurt themselves.

Let’s Start At The Beginning… Why Do People Cut Themselves?

When people have overwhelming emotions, they can cut themselves to bring about a feeling of calm or relief. What happens organically in the brain is similar to what happens when you stub your toe. The brain releases naturally occurring pain killers which about bring about momentary relief from the pain.

If you have ever stubbed your toe and looked down asking yourself, “am I really hurt” before the pain sets in, you know what people who cut themselves experience.

The Challenge Is That The Pain Relief Is Not Long-lasting

Which brings us to therapy. Kids who cut, self-harm, or engage in other risky behaviors are giving you a message. They need to learn a new way to deal with painful feelings inside and that is how you can support your child. It’s not something to pain about but it is something to take action on.

If your kid is using self-injurious behaviors to communicate with you, your job is to listen and take action. Self-harm, as I’ve said, is not a gateway to suicide, but it does take new skills to replace the old behaviors with new, more positive approaches. 

This Is How I Can Help You…

If your tween or teen is acting out in self-harming ways that worry you, don’t hesitate to call. Sometimes, even learning the facts about what’s going on and what you can do are enough to ease a parent’s mind. The work comes when your child enters therapy so they have a safe place to talk about why they are acting in this manner.

All kids are different. Discovering the root cause for why a child self-harms is unique to each person. I can help you and your child understand what is causing the concerning behaviors and educate you all on the new skills needed to move away from this as a coping skill.

Where In Las Vegas, NV Is Your Office?

During the pandemic, I am seeing clients via teletherapy and in person. My office is located at 6284 South Rainbow Blvd., Ste #110 Las Vegas, NV 89118.  The office is located between South Rainbow and West Sunset. Please use Google or ask for directions when we chat.

How Can I Get Started With You?

Let’s begin with a phone call. You can reach me directly at 702-980-5036 and I return calls within 48 hours. Please leave a message and if your call is urgent, let me know. If it’s a true emergency, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room right away.