Professional Public Speaking

I truly enjoy the experience of public speaking, whether it is in the format of providing continuing education to other clinical professionals, or to college students who have interest in creating a career in the health and human services field, or to members of the Las Vegas community- I appreciate the experience thoroughly.

I have engaged in professional public speaking in various settings such as University of Nevada Las Vegas’ Social Work CEU Series, The National Association of Social Workers-Nevada Chapter’s State Conference, The National California Group Psychotherapist Society, Mojave Adult, Child, and Family Services, and The Layer Our Loves Empowerment Seminar, to name a few.

If your audience is interested in learning more about how overwhelming, unpleasant emotions intensifies the urge to engage in risk taking behavior in adolescents or how the effects of interpersonal trauma can alter one’s functioning across environments, including ways to return to one’s baseline, or your group is interested in enhancing their knowledge and use of strategies to reduce daily stress while enhancing pleasant emotions, please give me a call!

I am often invited to speak about:  
*Borderline Personality Disorder 
*Dialectical Behavioral Therapy 
*Teens Who Self-Harm 
*Things to Consider When Choosing a Therapist 
*Cultivating Healthy Parent-Child Relationships


"Thank you for delivering realistic and meaningful information."
Cheryce Campbell-Davis
"The workshop was amazing! So many tools were given tonight."
"Excellent speaker! There was never a dull moment."
Michelle Washington
"What I liked the most was the speaker's knowledge about mental health."
Norniece "Nisey" Norment
"More seminars like this!"
Brenda Smith Johnson