Parent Consultations In Las Vegas, NV

Why Is It Essential To Become A Stronger Parent?

Parenting is hands down one of the most challenging jobs.  Rearing a child is an exercise in delayed gratification in many ways.  Like gardening, it may take a significant amount of time to see the fruits of your labor.  All of the pruning, watering, fertilizing, and protection of your plants is necessary to yield the desired results. 
Yet, there are times that none of the efforts that are put into parenting may produce the results that one expects.  Sometimes you may want to give up, sometimes you may want to give in, and sometimes you do not know what to do.

What Can I Expect From A Parent Consultation?

Working on strategies to become a ‘stronger parent’ would include discussing the history of your relationship with your child and identifying any significant changes – positive and negative- that have occurred in the parent-child relationship or to the family as a whole to help determine the potential issue to problem-solve.  We would discuss ideas to improve communication with your child, ideas that you can use to model the behavior that you want to see your child practice, and how to choose your battles as a parent.

How Long Do Parent Consultations Take?  

Sessions typically last for fifty minutes.  In some instances, and when clinically indicated, therapy sessions can last eighty minutes to ensure that each parent has enough time to identify, discuss, and process their experience of the identified problem.  Parenting sessions can be discontinued at any time. However, it is recommended that therapy terminate once the identified problem has been solved with your child.  

So After A Few Parenting Consultations, Everything Will Be Better Between My Child And Me?

Parenting sessions will help in many ways, and showing up to the meetings will not solve all of the problems going on between you and your child.  During our work together, I will encourage you to read books and watch videos about the concepts we discuss outside of our sessions.
Doing this additional work will help you gain greater clarity on the concepts and offer other actionable steps towards fine-tuning your interactions with your child.  To make a behavior stick, we have to practice it for it to become second nature.  

What Are The Right Reasons To Get Parent Consultations In Las Vegas, Nevada?

As your child moves through various developmental stages, the need to set boundaries is ongoing.  As children gain their independence, they seek more and more of it.  Your child needs to learn natural consequences so they can learn how to make better choices and, setting limits will help your child grow into courteous, respectful, law-abiding members of society. 
If you notice your child is testing limits that are affecting their safety or are not adhering to your rules as a parent, it may be a good idea to get a consultation.  As your child develops their personality and views of the world, you may find that they are in direct opposition to yours.  If your child intentionally or inadvertently tests limits, you may find that most of the spent communicating is through arguments.
Parent consultation will help you gain practice in naming the parts of your child’s communication that is valid and makes sense from their vantage point without compromising your parenting values.  And, you will learn how to validate yourself as a parent when interacting with your child who you love a whole lot and may not like some of the time.

Do You Accept Insurance?

I do not work with insurance providers, but I am willing to create a financial arrangement that works for you as needed.  My hourly rate is $165, and payment is expected when we meet. That said, please ask about options. I’m open and willing to help you, so let’s discuss the options you need.

Where In Las Vegas, Nevada Is Your Office?

During the pandemic, I am seeing clients via teletherapy and in person. My office is located at 6284 South Rainbow Blvd., Ste #110 Las Vegas, NV 89118. The office is located between South Rainbow and West Sunset. Please use Google or ask for directions when we chat.

How Can I Get Started With You?

Let’s begin with a phone call. You can reach me directly at 702-980-5036, and I return calls within 48 hours. Please leave a message and if your call is urgent, let me know. If it’s a true emergency, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room immediately.