Farewell 2020. Hello, 2021!


The end of any year brings an assortment of emotions.  With all that has happened throughout 2020- and it has been a lot, watching the year closeout warrants a humungous celebration.  Before you break out the party hats, the streamers, and the sparkling wine, I invite you to consider practicing a new way of bringing in the upcoming year.  

Here’s the backstory.

A few years ago, my friend and I were chatting about how we planned to celebrate New Year’s Eve.  My plans were not out of the ordinary- I intended to go out with friends for a few hours, share some laughs, and call it a night. Her evening included something similar to my plan but with one beautiful twist.

Ever since she told me about this practice, I’ve changed the way I celebrated New Year’s Eve.  My friend writes a letter penning what she appreciated about the year being left behind and what she hoped for in the upcoming year.  

If you are interested in learning more about this technique and adding it to your arsenal, grab a pen, paper, an envelope – get ready, this may change how you usher in the new year, too.  

1.   Get grounded.  Take a few moments to be present with your inner self.  Focus on your breathing, the sensations in your body, and notice the experience you are in and the boundless possibilities available to you.

2.  Address the letter to a higher power.  This higher power has been referred to as God, The Most High, All, Spirit, Oneness, Universe, The Divine- the list is limitless. If you do not feel comfortable writing the letter to a higher power, no problem.  Write the letter in a way that feels meaningful and purposeful to you.

3.  Honor and acknowledge the things that you are grateful for having this year.  This acknowledgment can range from being thankful for having a sense of security, peace, and love to an appreciation for health, safety, and confidence in challenging situations.  Let your wise-mind be your guide- your inner wisdom will not mislead you.

4.  Write in letter format.  Ask and identify what you want to bring into your life for the next year.  Again, this is a great place to use wise-mind as a guide.  This process is not intended to be a super long exercise; take as much time as you need.

5.  Seal your letter in the envelope and put it away until the next year.  Once it is closed, be sure to leave it in a safe place where the letter will be undisturbed.  No peeking allowed!

Curious to know what you do when the next New Year’s Eve comes around? Sit alone in your room, read the letter you wrote last year, and notice how your previous letter’s intentions became your reality.  Once you have done so, burn it.  Let it go.

A quick disclaimer for all of my ‘get it right’ people reading this, please know there is no right or wrong way to do this exercise.  The most important things to practice are being gentle with yourself, being humble, and being grateful.

This year, before spending time with the ones I love, I will write a letter filled with the things I’ve been grateful for this year and what I hope the new year brings to my life for 2021. Hopefully, this idea helps create beautiful moments for the new year and bolster your spirits.  

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Peace and blessings to you!  

Happy New Year!!

With love, 

Vena =}