Honey Do: Create Possibility in the New Year

Honey Do: Create Possibility in the New Year

With the New Year quickly approaching, many people are thinking about the things that they want to change and are setting resolutions to do so.  The resolutions may range from never eating chocolate again to learning a new hobby.  From going to the gym five days a week to getting out of financial debt.

I invite you to consider practicing a new way of bringing in the upcoming year.  That is not to say that you must reject the resolution you had in mind … look at it as a way to shake things up.

A few years ago, my buddy Kathy and I were chatting about how we planned to celebrate the New Year.  My plans were not out of the ordinary- I intended to go out with family and friends for a few hours, share some laughs and call it a night.  Her night included something similar to my plan and with one beautiful twist.

There was something that she had to do before starting her celebration, which in my opinion was pretty amazing and it was a practice passed on to her by the love of her life, Robert.  Every New Year’s Eve, Kathy writes a letter penning the things that she wanted to bring into her world.  She seals it in an envelope, and puts it away until the next New Year’s Eve.

If you are interested in adding this technique to your arsenal, grab a pen, paper, and an envelope … please continue reading to learn more about the five steps that will allow you to create amazing possibility for the New Year.

1.   Begin by grounding.  Take a few moments to be present with your inner self.  Feel free to focus on your breathing, the sensations in your body, and notice the experience that you are in, as well as the boundless possibilities that are available to you.

2.  Address the letter to a higher power
.  This higher power has been referred to as God, Most High, All, Spirit, Oneness, Universe, The Divine- the list is limitless.  If you do not feel comfortable writing the letter to a higher power, no problem because we all have higher selves and it is equally meaningful and powerful to write the letter in that way.

3.  Honor and acknowledge the things that you are grateful for having this year.  This acknowledgment can range from being thankful for having a sense of security, peace, and love to appreciation for health, safety, and confidence in challenging situations.  Let your wise-mind be your guide- you will not be misled.

4.  Write in letter format.  Ask and identify what you want to bring into your life for the next year.  Again, this is a great place to use wise-mind as a guide.  This is not intended to be a super long     exercise and, take as much time as you need.

5.  Finally, seal it in the envelope and put it away until the next year.  Once it is sealed, do not try to hold it up to a light to read the words you wrote!  Leave it in a safe place that where the letter will be undisturbed.

“So what do you do when the next New Year’s Eve comes around?!”  I asked Kathy with my mouth hanging in amazement, while sitting on the edge of my seat.

She replied, “I sit alone in my room, I read the letter, contemplate what I wrote and how my intentions from the last letter became my reality during the year.  Then, I burn it.  I totally let it go.”

Kathy shared that after reading the letter she noticed how gentle the tone had been.  She has never felt disappointed in her choice of words or the possibilities that she created for herself.  She advised me that there was not a right or wrong way to do this exercise.  And, there are only three rules to be mindful of … be gentle, be humble, and start with gratitude.

This year, before spending time with my friends and my family, I will be sitting in a longer than my usual meditation and thereafter, I will adopt Kathy and Robert’s tradition as my own.

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