Honey Do: Questions to keep in mind

Honey Do: Questions to keep in mind

Once you realize that your child would benefit from working with a therapist and you are ready to move forward with hiring one, you may be curious to know what sorts of questions are best to ask.  If this is you, keep reading, this article will help.  If you are proverbially scratching your head and wondering what a therapist is: read this post.

Finding a therapist is challenging, especially if you are looking for a therapist for your child.  You have a few referrals and the therapists sound nice enough, it’s just important to you that your kiddo and their therapist click.  Even more, it is important that you are confident that your child is receiving the best care possible!  Here is a short list of things to be mindful of as you call around town …

Be prepared to identify the things you notice. When contacting the potential therapist, prepare to answer questions related to the youth’s behavior and your interest in getting the youth connected with a therapist.  Set aside fifteen minutes to speak freely about your concerns.

Express curiosity about the clinician’s skill set.  It is important to ask about the therapist’s training, doing so will increase the likelihood of attaining treatment goals.  Having your child work with a play therapist may be far more helpful for your child than someone who is a behaviorally-based clinician, and vice versa.

Remember, you are important too!  The progress that is made for your child depends on your involvement too.  Expect to provide check-ins and to participate in therapy with and without your child.  While every therapist’s approach is different, one thing is for sure- parental involvement is key!

I hope this helps you find the best therapist for your child in Las Vegas.  If you or someone you know would benefit from receiving therapy, please call me at 702.550.9035 to schedule an appointment. I am happy to provide additional support and guidance.

​                                                                         Until next time …