Honey Do: Connect Your Child to a Therapist in Las Vegas

Honey Do: Connect Your Child to a Therapist in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for many things: twenty-four-hour access to just about anything, being the land where secrets are kept safe (what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas) and if you are a parent who has searched for a therapist for your child, Las Vegas is known as the place of disappointment when it comes to finding a clinician who can work effectively with your son or daughter.
There are so many things to consider.  Who do you take your child to see anyway?!

A psychiatrist?
A psychologist?
A therapist?
A counselor?
A life coach?

No worries, I will share a few ideas that will help you in making the best choice.  For good measure, I will share this information in a way that makes sense and, I will do my best to skip the clinical jargon-y stuff!

psychiatrist is a medical doctor who has advanced training and experience in various mental health interventions, to include prescribing medication.  While many psychiatrists are trained in providing various mental health interventions, it is not typical practice of a psychiatrist to conduct therapy.

Psychologists are doctors who use tests and other assessment approaches to help with determining whether or not a person has a certain diagnosis.  A psychologist can test for things like learning disabilities, IQ/aptitude, and determine the presence of anxiety or depression.  Psychologists have advanced training in the treatment approaches typically used in therapy.  Some psychologists’ complete psychological assessments and conduct therapy.  Psychologists do not prescribe medication.

Therapists (for this blurb, I am referencing clinical social workers) have a Master’s degree in Social Work.  In addition to having experience with creating a web of support alongside their client, the therapist has received additional training in the mental health realm- assessing and diagnosing, determining which therapeutic intervention will help their client achieve their goal in therapy, and so on.  Therapists (clinical social workers) are able to conduct therapy.  Many therapists provide traditional therapy, far fewer provide specialized psychotherapy (e.g., EMDR, DBT, Hypnotherapy.)  Therapists do not prescribe medication.

Counselors (clinical professional counselors) have a Master’s degree in Counseling and focuses primarily on counseling.  A counselor will work with their client on goal setting, problem-solving, and ways to enhance communication with others, as well as how to use coping strategies in distressing situations.  Counselors are able to conduct therapy.  Counselors do not prescribe medication.

life coach comes in handy when someone is functioning well across various environments (school, home, social, etc.), and wants to get help with a specific goal.  Life coaches do not have formal training in matters related to mental health / psychology.  Life coaches are not able to conduct therapy.  Life coaches are not licensed by any state/governmental body and the field is not regulated.

I hope this helps you find the right therapist for your child in Las Vegas.  If you or someone you know would benefit from receiving therapy, please call me at 702.550.9035 to schedule an appointment. I am happy to provide additional support and guidance.

​Until next time …